Tabletop Simulator Cheat Sheet

Pan the camera:
  WASD keys (same layout and corresponding keys as arrow keys)

Rotate the camera:
  Arrow keys or hold down right mouse button (RMB) and drag around

Zoom the camera:
  Mouse wheel

Quick zoom on area:
  Move mouse to area and press Z
  Press Z again to zoom out

Zoom on specific object:
  Mouse over object and hold Alt

Reset camera view:

Pick up object:
  Hold left mouse button (LMB) on object

Pick up multiple objects:
  While holding an object, RMB on another object

Pick up many objects in a tight grouping:
  Box select all objects then pick up one object from the group

Pick top item from stack:
  Hold LMB and then drag away quickly

Pick up whole stack:
  Hold LMB on stack until whole stack is picked up

Flip an object (such as a playing card):
  Pick up the oject and press F

Neatly stack a group of objects:
  Box select all objects and press G